Redefining How The Work Gets Done

Two stand-alone “support strategy” workgroups (Preschool – 12 Community Supports and Basic Needs) will lead to more focused strategies and productive meetings across KConnect’s domain workgroups.

Home & Family Stability

Goal: Ensure that the basic needs of all students are fulfilled so that they arrive at school each day ready to learn.

This workgroup creates strategies and convenes organizations involved in health, housing stability, food security, transportation, financial literacy, and other needs that are essential to providing a stable home in which children can thrive.

Pre-School -12th Grade Community Supports – START DATE TBD

Goal: Ensure all students have the socio-emotional support necessary to succeed academically.

This workgroup will create strategies related to activities that influence a child beyond academics, such as after-school activities (e.g., community centers, arts, and athletics) and mentoring relationships.