The Housing Stability Alliance works to develop an equitable housing system for all residents in Kent County, specifically focusing on addressing the disparate outcomes for Black and Latinx residents in our community.

The Community Plan

Please visit the link below to learn more about the Housing Stability Alliance and to read the Common Agenda and Roadmap entitled “Redefining the Path Home: System Building for Housing Stability in Kent County”

The First Twelve Months

In May 2018 concerned community stakeholders asked KConnect to bring people together to examine how the housing system is working, establish shared goals, and develop collaborative strategies to reach those goals with a focus on children, families, youth, and people of color. KConnect initiated its work in Fall 2018 and began a yearlong process to convene organizations, funders, and other stakeholders within the housing and homeless system.

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The Work Moving Forward

We promised to deliver a common agenda and roadmap to create and sustain a movement that builds systems between sectors and empowers lived experience to dissolve housing instability and homelessness for children and families from the landscape of Kent County. That work was completed in August 2020. It is our goal to continue to build on the movement that is already underway, and to center lived experience around this system-change strategy.

Launching the Backbone

Within the Common Agenda and Roadmap a five-part approach was developed; one section of the framework focused on the creation of a backbone organization to lead the work, collect and analyze data, convene partners, and operationalize the Common Agenda and Roadmap.

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News and Updates

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