Redefining How The Work Gets Done

Four “cross-cutting” workgroups (Equity & Inclusion, Data & Capacity, Policy & Advocacy, and Community Engagement) increase the impact of other workgroups by offering intensive focus and expertise across the KConnect structure.

Data & Capacity

Goal: Develop data capabilities of workgroups and partner organizations so that continuous improvement through data is a part of every workgroup and partner’s DNA.

This workgroup provides data support to the other workgroups and to the overall initiative when selecting indicators and interpreting data on an ongoing basis. This group also develops strategies to provide data support and coaching to individual partner organizations.

Equity & Inclusion

Goal: Develop an overall framework for how the initiative can create strategies that address the needs of all groups, but that pay particular attention to marginal groups.

In addition, this workgroup consults with other workgroups on how best to implement strategies that are both “universal” and “targeted.” Members of this group begin with a deep understanding of applied Targeted Universalism, and serve as subject matter experts for these strategies.

Community Engagement

Goal: Authentically engage all sectors in the community to deeply understand the community’s needs and aspirations and translate those perspectives into responsive strategies. The committee will also ensure that the numerous sectors in the community are consistently involved in the initiative’s decision-making. Lastly, the committee will communicate the goals of the initiative to the various parts of the community.

Although the backbone will likely be the public face of the initiative, this committee will help design strategies to gather input, and to inform the many parts of the community. The committee will also work closely with the Policy and Advocacy Workgroup to align public mobilization efforts. Above all, this group will embody authentic engagement and transparency.

Policy & Advocacy

Goal: Educate and advocate for policies, resources, and practices that can strengthen the political will to pass, implement, and sustain effective long-term solutions that are aligned to the goals of the initiative.

The workgroup will build capacity of those involved in the collective impact initiative through technical support and training opportunities. Given that advocacy will be different for each issue, the type of technical assistance will vary. In general, technical assistance would include helping organizations strategically mobilize their constituencies. The workgroup will work closely with the other workgroups to determine high-priority policies.