Redefining How The Work Gets Done

KConnect has three domain workgroups (Prenatal to 3rd Grade, 4th Grade to High School, and High School to Career). Domain workgroups bring together the strength and resources of dozens of community members, service providers, and experts. Together, they examine the system of supports in place to address one or more of KConnect’s success measures and identify ways to improve the results generated today. Their work is fueled by data, focused on measureable outcomes, and motivated by a shared commitment to equity for all young people.

Pre-Natal – 3rd Grade 

Goal: Develop strategies that address achievement gaps for low income and children of color to create seamless experiences for students and families from prenatal education for parents to preschool to early elementary school, particularly focused on kindergarten readiness and 3rd grade reading.

High School to Career 

Goal: Develop a strategic action plan to improve economic security through multiple pathways including college, certification, journeyman, military, employment, or entrepreneurship. All of which will prepare young people for jobs that will provide a family-sustaining wage.

A critical voice in this workgroup will be the business sector, who will provide input on their labor needs. Given that college readiness begins before high school, this group should coordinate with the 4th Grade to High School workgroup.

4th Grade to High School 

Goal: Develop strategies that provide students with the foundational skills to succeed in high school, and provide families with the awareness of the necessary preconditions for their child to succeed in high school and beyond.

Given the importance of the pre-high school years in preparing children for future academic and professional pursuits, this workgroup will ensure that children and their parents are ready to make the transition to high school and beyond.