As a network of public, private, and independent organizations, KConnect aims to facilitate, advance, and evolve a common agenda to ensure all children in Kent County have a clear path to economic prosperity through family, education, and community opportunities.


Before KConnect. Education, human services, government, philanthropy, grassroots, faith community, nonprofits, and businesses have all spent time, money and effort aimed at improving our most pressing challenges, but the results have been isolated and haven’t scaled to reach ALL children, youth, and families.

After KConnect. Rather than trying to tackle the problem directly, KConnect brings people from all the sectors together and helps them reimagine the systems they have created while aligning individual efforts and measurement. This is a breakthrough. No one organization can accomplish true “systems change” by working alone, in a silo. Review our full workplan here.

To align and integrate the work of public, private, and nonprofit sectors, KConnect convenes strategic, volunteer, cross-sector workgroups. KConnect supports the workgroups with a defined structure, transparent process, and equitable collection, integration, and analysis of shared data.