KConnect Structure

KConnect is made up of individuals and organizations that work to improve outcomes – at a systemic level – for children across the prenatal to career continuum. This network includes Workgroup members, supporters, funders, partners, the Board of Trustees, and the Accountability Partners Council (APC).

KConnect is more than a backbone staff that convenes and supports various Workgroups. It’s a collective of people who work in tandem to make lasting and sustainable change happen in our communities. This is done through exploring and sharing of data, defining and cultivating critical partnerships, and facilitating difficult, but necessary, conversations with a focus on elevating equity to the forefront.. KConnect as an organization is not at the center of this work – the focus is on the network of partners (see our Partners page) who are working together to ensure that all children in Kent County have a clear path to economic prosperity through quality education, family, and community support.

As one of our community partners, you are a vital part of moving this work forward and we value your time and energy. Please continue to be an advocate for the children and adults who are experiencing the ramifications of generations of systemic racism and who have to fight every day to have their voices heard. Let’s continue to work together to address the root causes of their inequities and aim to improve outcomes across the continuum. Thank you!