Our Work

What We're Working On

KConnect focuses on developing strategies across the prenatal to career continuum, specifically around Success Measures and Indicators. We also align with current work that is happening in the community while partnering with content experts to collaborate on system-level special projects. Finally, we often do a deep dive on data around certain topics that specifically relate to the prenatal to career continuum. 

Diverse Educators

The lack of diversity in the teaching profession has been apparent across the country for many years. Our current teacher workforce in Kent County is not reflective of the diversity within our community.

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Normal Was Never Enough

Discrimination, disproportionate poverty and unemployment, lack of investment, and policies that perpetuate disparities have led to a normal that does not provide equal opportunities for young children in our community.

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Housing Stability Alliance

The Housing Stability Alliance works to develop an equitable housing system for all residents in Kent County, specifically focusing on addressing the disparate outcomes for Black and Latinx residents in our community.

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Day One Doula

Day One Doula Collective has a dual-mission. We recruit, train, and support people of color as community-based doulas and we provide holistic, culturally affirming doula support to birthing people of color throughout their full reproductive experience to address the inequalities in parental and infant health outcomes.

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