We are a committed network of community stakeholders creating a more comprehensive housing system driven by community data that prioritizes equitable housing access in Kent County.

Our community-based approach focuses on The Path to Housing Stability that moves from “No-Housing” to “Housed by Choice” and aims to develop an equitable housing system for all people in Kent County.

Who We Are
A collective impact backbone organization of the Housing Stability Alliance

What We do
Elevate, align, and coordinate multi-sector solutions that advance housing stability for all people in Kent County.

Our Process
Center on lived experience, develop shared data and measurement, convene multi-sector partners, dissolve complex housing issues

Please visit the link below to learn more about the Housing Stability Alliance and to read the Common Agenda and Roadmap entitled “Redefining the Path Home: System Building for Housing Stability in Kent County”

The Path to Housing Stability

The Path to Housing Stability importantly illustrates the path from “No Housing” to “Housed by Choice” where options and control increase as one moves to the right and decrease as one moves to the left. This illustration anchors systems across each component, helping to ensure that planning efforts and strategy development is inclusive of the entire pathway, as each housing situation is interrelated to the others and therefore best served by a holistic approach. Perhaps as vital as the meaningful illustration of the interdependence inherent in this is the collective awareness that no existing community-based organization is designed to work across the entirety of the continuum on behalf of all Kent County residents. 

Click here for the shared definitions around The Path to Housing Stability.

A Look at the Data

Family Homelessness


African Americans make up only 12% of Kent County’s total population but 72% of all the children and adult in families in the homeless system.


Half of Kent County households cannot afford their housing. The tight housing market, increasing prices, and the lack of affordable housing options in Kent County may be playing a significant role in the increased demand for the homeless system.

For a closer look at the data, review the Kent County Housing Data and Current State Map sections of the Common Agenda and Roadmap. 

Board of Trustees

Tasha Blackmon (co-chair)

President and CEO
Cherry Health

Rosalynn Bliss

City of Grand Rapids

Michael Bohnsack

Bohnsack and Associates

Eric Brown

President and CEO
Urban League of West Michigan

Lynne Ferrell

Program Director
Frey Foundation

Raquel Guzman

Avanti Law

Brad Kessel (co-chair)

President and CEO
Independent Bank

Josh Lunger

Senior Director of Government Affairs
Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce

Pamela Parriott

Director of Philanthropy
DeVos Family Foundations

Al Vanderberg

Kent County Administrator
Kent County

Mark Washington

City Manager
City of Grand Rapids

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