Accountability Partners Council

January Accountability Partners Council

Our Accountability Partners Council (APC) serves as the large convening space for all of KConnect’s network. It’s the only space where we bring ALL of the work together and make decisions collectively. It’s also the space where KConnect’s work gets shaped and refined in ways that no one might imagine individually or even within the singular workgroups. 

The content that comes before the APC is developed within cross-sector workgroups. Strategies that elevate systemic coordination, alignment and innovation are presented by the Workgroups and the Align and Design Teams for feedback and affirmation from the broader network. In total, participants have three opportunities to vote throughout this process – twice as part of the group at their table and once on an individual ballot that is immediately tabulated and shared at the end of the meeting. 

This work could not be accomplished without a network that supports the vision of ensuring all children in Kent County have an equitable path to economic prosperity through quality education, family, and community supports. 

Learn more about the Accountability Partners Council below and visit our Events Page for more information on how you can be involved in our next APC.

Photos from Previous APC Meetings