2022 Announcement: KConnect Named a 2022 Classy Awards Finalist

Today, we are excited to announce that KConnect is a top 50 finalist for the 2022 Classy Awards.

Classy, an online fundraising software for nonprofits, launched the Classy Awards in 2009 to recognize the achievements of organizations bringing positive change in our communities and around the world. The goal is to shine a spotlight on their new strategies, creative thinking, and ideas that move the needle on some of the biggest issues our world faces today. We’re proud to share that our work in housing, specifically around the Housing Stability Alliance and Housing Kent, is recognized for its contribution to our community.

Housing Kent is the result of 130 public and private sector, nonprofit, and philanthropic organizations who came together to examine the homelessness crisis over a three-year period. Their mission is to increase access to affordable housing and decrease homelessness for families, children, and youth, with an intentional focus on eliminating racial disparities in Kent County. The organization will accomplish this by focusing on the entire spectrum of the system from those who have no housing to those who are housed by choice. A specific emphasis will be placed on eliminating housing insecurity for Black and Latinx children and families, who are disproportionately impacted. The number of people in the homeless system grew by 37% in Kent County between 2017 and 2019, with the largest growth being seen in families with children. Exacerbating this economic vulnerability are sharp breaks in the data along the lines of race and ethnicity. Nearly one in six African American children in Kent County accessed the homeless system at some point in 2019 compared with one in every 130 White children.

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