November 2020 APC Summary

This year’s Fall APC was a success! We heard an update about the Birth Equity pilot that originated in our Prenatal to Third Grade Workgroup. We also listened to an update from the Housing Stability Alliance. Later, we heard from our Lead Convening Partners as they informed the network of their most recent work, how they partner with KConnect, and how COVID-19 has impacted their day-to-day operations. Lastly, in partnership with Kent Intermediate School District, the APC gave input on the ISD’s superintendent search.

Watch the November APC below by clicking the screenshot and then click here to follow along with all of the documents mentioned during the presentations.


We were welcomed by WMCAT President and GRCC Trustee Daniel Williams.

Daniel APC

Birth Equity Update

Since 2018, the PN3 Workgroup and Birth Equity Align and Design Team have been working to develop the strategy and launch the Birth Equity pilot. In mid-2020, the Day One Doula Collective hired its first Program Manager, Kiara Baskin. The pilot is being incubated at Baxter Community Center and launches its first cohort in early 2021. Day One Doula Collective is a system-level response to the inequities around low birth weight and the need to diversify the healthcare system.

Housing Stability Alliance Update

Based on the data and findings over the past two years, and its vision and mission, the Housing Stability Alliance developed a roadmap of strategies and actions that will be operationalized in the next phase of work to promote housing stability in Kent County. The roadmap includes plans around Equity and Community Engagement, High-Leverage Activities, a Shared Measurement System, Continuous Communication, and a Backbone entity. This structure follows a proven Collective Impact model that is designed to solve complex social problems. The Common Agenda and Roadmap was finalized and released in August 2020. You can find the full document here.

The Action Team that was focused on developing the plan for the Backbone Entity requested additional time to determine which, if any, organization would be equipped to become the Backbone for this endeavor. The Team created a Steering Committee to take over the work of finding or creating an organization. The Committee developed a process by which interested organizations could submit applications to be the Backbone; in total, nine organizations applied. Three organizations were selected to give comprehensive presentations focused on how they would operationalize the Common Agenda and Roadmap.

The Steering Committee spent a considerable amount of time reflecting on this work and how a Backbone organization should meet the specific needs of the community. After reviewing the data, reflecting on the presentations, and multiple conversations, the Steering Committee decided to form a new Backbone organization to lead this work. The new Backbone will support a system-wide response to address housing inequities across the entire housing spectrum. The details of this new venture are being developed and will be announced to the community once it is completed.

Lead Convening Partners

KConnect’s Lead Convening Partners presented their work to the entire Accountability Partner’s Council. These partners include First Steps KentKent ISD, Talent 2025To College Through College, and Essential Needs Task Force.

Annemarie APC

Annemarie Valdez
First Steps Kent

Shayla APC

Dr. Shayla Young
T2C Studio Coordinator
To College Through College


Kevin Stotts
Talent 2025

Wende APC

Wende Randall
Essential Needs Task Force

Superintendent Search Feedback

The Accountability Partners Council had the opportunity to hear from Kent ISD Interim Superintendent Ron Koehler about the work that Kent ISD is doing and details regarding the superintendent search.


Ron Koehler
Interim Superintendent
Kent Intermediate School District

Following Ron’s presentation, the APC divided into breakout groups to answer the following questions:

Based on what you know about Kent ISD, what do you think
they do well and/or what are you most impressed with?

What are some potential opportunities for
Kent ISD to consider going forward?

The feedback that was gathered is being synthesized and will be presented to Kent ISD in the near future.


We are very appreciative of everyone who was able to attend. if you were unable to make it, please consider watching the video above. We’re still happy to take your feedback on the discussion questions offered up around the Lead Convening Partners and the superintendent search.

Lastly, save the date for the next APC on Friday, May 14, 2021.

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