Our community can put opportunity
in reach for all our children and families.

KConnect is a community-wide effort to increase student achievement and put all children in Kent County on the path to school success and economic self-sufficiency. No one program or organization can accomplish that on its own its own. KConnect marshals the efforts of all those who are working to improve the conditions of children and their families.

The need is here. The time is now.

For many years, public agencies, school districts, private foundations, and non-profit organizations have worked diligently to improve the lives of children and families in Kent County. These efforts have had isolated success, impacting one child or family at a time. However, when we look at collective indicators - poverty rates, abuse/neglect rates, over-representation of minority children in the child welfare system, and standardized test scores of students in school districts with high poverty - we see the overall situation is getting worse.

KConnect is a cradle to college and career initiative that builds on our community's many strengths by assessing and better aligning current efforts helping to fill achievement gaps. It is a commitment from different sectors - business, education, philanthropy, human services, faith-based, non-profit, and grassroots organizations - to engage in a new model of collaboration so that opportunity is within reach for everyone.

Vision Statement

Our vision is for all children and their families in Kent County to enjoy meaningful and fulfilling lives by achieving self-sufficiency and economic security through high- quality education and community support. Fundamental to our vision is that we are committed to nothing less than closing the unacceptable achievement gaps for low income students and children of color, and increasing the achievement for all students from cradle to college
and career.
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